Lion and XIB Internal Inconsistencies

If you have developed a Mac application and Xcode 4 under Lion starts to complain that a XIB file contains internal inconsistencies then you may need to remove a couple of items from your toolbar.

The alert looks like this:

Lion XIB Internal Inconsistency Warning

Apple decided to remove the Customize Toolbar and the Separator toolbar items in Lion. From the Max OS X Lion release Notes:

In 10.7, the Customize Toolbar item and the Separator item (with the vertical dots) have been removed from toolbars and customization palettes, and their item identifiers are ignored.

Deleting these items from your toolbar should solve the problem but if it doesn’t then it would be worth committing your XIB in your version control system, taking a snapshot of the project or making a copy of the XIB file and deleting each toolbar item in turn, selecting a different file in Xcode and then re-selecting your XIB until the offending item is found. You can then restore your XIB and just handle the individual problem item.

This has worked for me and a couple of other people but if it doesn’t work for you please let me know and, if you find one, the solution, so that I can update this post.