Getting Organised - iDeveloper Live Episode 42 Notes (13 February 2012)


  • Chaos of paperwork
  • Scotty’s comments about my desk
  • Xero
  • Missing deadlines

Cutting Out The Papers

  • Only keep papers that really need to be kept, things such as legal documents.
  • Scan everything else as soon as you can.
  • Don’t try to scan historic papers at first.
  • Store the scanned documents in appropriate places as soon as you can.
  • Stop printing things.
  • Stop scribbing notes on bits of paper.


  • Don’t use a flatbed scanner.
  • In early December Fraser Speirs tweeted about looking for and then buying a scanner. Got a Canon P-150 over a ScanSnap S1300 because it has TWAIN drivers available.
  • Bought a Canon DR-2010M because a desktop scanner suits me fine.
  • P-150 replaced by P-215.
  • Can also consider the Fuji SnapScan scanners.
  • Look out for M-versions. Mac software.
  • Canon scanner comes with CaptureOnTouch.

Making Notes

  • More paper. Lots of bits.
  • Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  • Stylus - Wacom Bamboo
  • Software -
  • One paper notebook.

Stop Printing

  • Instapaper, Kindle, Evernote.
  • Second monitor or an iPad.

Business Cards

  • Don’t give them out and don’t accept them.
  • Ask people to email you their details.
  • Note their Twitter name and send them a message.
  • iPhone app suggestions from the chat room.

Storing Information

  • Picking an application or applications.
  • Evernote and OmniFocus.
  • Backups

Top Tips

  • Backups.
  • Create a routine of scanning and shredding papers.
  • Find and stick with an application or applications.
  • Remove Post-Its, pads, etc. Stop writing notes or at least use just one notebook.
  • Take it slowly and don’t expect on over-night change. Don’t worry about the backlog for now.