Targets and Timescales

Last night I sat down to work out how much weight I need to lose and tried to estimate when I might reach the target. My current weight is 107kg. According to my doctor I should be around 65kg. I therefore need to lose around 42kg. A sensible weight loss target is a pound per week or just under half a kilogram. On this basis I should potentially reach my target weight in around 90 weeks, just under 2 years.

This is highly theoretical because I have no idea how quickly I will lose weight through cycling. I will be modifying my diet too but I don’t think that a dramatic change to my entire lifestyle all at once is realistic. Therefore I’m not going to tackle the diet issue in any significant way until cycling has become part of my normal routine.

I’d like to build up to cycling a minimum of five miles per day and ideally 10 if I can with more miles being covered at weekends and when the mood takes me. Again, these are theoretical numbers at the moment and it will be interesting to see how things progress and what I actually do.

In my post about Choosing a Bike and a Local Bike Shop I mentioned that I am going to reward myself to a great bike once I’ve lost weight and become fitter. Obviously weight is fairly easy to measure and monitor but fitness is more subjective so I’m setting myself a target. At the moment small hills seem like mountains so my target is to be able to do something that currently seems almost impossible. Once I can cycle up Cheddar Gorge specifically and more vaguely tackle a few other local climbs of similar difficulty I’ll deem myself to be fit.

Hopefully I’ll eventually find some local cyclists to accompany me on some of these expeditions and feel free to pencil spring 2014 into your diaries if you want to come along too.