Whitehole Hill - My First Nemesis

I’ve just finished a ride which took me on a new circuit out of the village. I realised it might have been a bit of a challenge because one of the sections was along a road called Whitehole Hill. As I progresses I should have realised what Whitehole Hill might have been like because after the first third of the ride there was an awful lot of downhill cycling.

When I got to Whilehole Hill I realised the battle facing me. I’m very unfit and my legs really aren’t used to cycling at the moment so taking on what seems like a steel climb to me resulted in a combination of using the Granny Ring, stopping for water and rests and getting off and wheeling my bike.

On the plus side I made it home without the help of medical assistance and I now have my first local nemesis to defeat.

You can see that details of the ride in my Strava profile.