The Unofficial, Sometime Unknowing, Support Group

Ever since I decided to fight back against my expanding waistline and completely sedentary lifestyle I’ve become more attuned to other people I follow or interact with on Twitter doing the same. Just seeing the odd message from people saying how they are getting on and reminding their followers about what they are doing is immensely encouraging and uplifting.

Knowing that other people are going through the same things you are is all you need to persevere. Hearing about the good days, the bad days, the triumphs and the defeats are all valuable and when someone mentions that they have conquered a particular battle it is especially uplifting.

Today’s moment came courtesy of Daniel Kennett (iKenndac on Twitter) with this tweet: “Finally got up the big hill without stopping, except for a victory high-five right at the top!”

However Jeff LaMarche (jeff_lamarche on Twitter), Daniel Pasco (dlpasco on Twitter) and Patrick Burleson (pbur on Twitter) are also regular tweeters about their efforts on treadmill desks.

I also need to thank those who support me in my efforts, people like Daniel Marks (madmax on Twitter) and James Higgis (higgis on Twitter), who are unbelievably encouraging.