A Standing Desk

A number of developers have built themselves treadmill desks and others have started using standing desks. I’m not going to explain why standing desks are thought to be a good idea; just Google ‘standing desk’ and you’ll find loads of articles and blog posts about why people are starting to adopt them again (they were first popular in the 18th and 19th centuries).

However I did want to show off the results of a couple of hours of dismantling and reconfiguring my desk.

My standing desk

[Full Sized Version]

I’m fortunate in that for may years I’ve used Ikea’s IVAR shelving as the basis of my desk. It’s allowed me to build desks that fit a wide variety of spaces in many houses (this is the sixth house I’ve built a desk out of it) so the conversion work was fairly straightforward. I’m also luck in that I have a couple of discontinued elements. One of which is the keyboard shelf which means I can put some extra space between myself and my iMac.

I’ve no idea how this experiment will go and I already think I’ll buy a bar stool to perch on when my feet and legs get tired but I’ll be sure to post some updates.