General Exercise Update

This week has been quite busy in terms of my effort to improve my fitness. At the start of the week I converted my desk into a standing desk and whilst I can only manage three or four hours at a time (and sometimes in total for a day) I’m enjoying the experience so far. I can’t tell if it is making any difference, if I’m more alert or have better concentration but it’s certainly not having a negative impact in that I can concentrate well and working whilst standing isn’t an issue.

I’ve also done a few short bike rides this week and got my daughter to cycle to school one morning. I’d love to see more children from the village cycle there but the school needs a bike rack if that’s going to happen. I also know that several people are worried about traffic through the village but if more children cycle then the school run traffic will be reduced and people are more likely to drive carefully if children are out and about on bikes.

After this afternoon’s ride I realised that the hills are getting easier to tackle (not easy, far from it, just easier) and I also decided to upgrade to Strava Premium. This isn’t because I particularly want or need the extra features but rather because I love the service and an more than happy to give them some money in return.

I also did some gardening this week, a few hours of clearing very overgrown flowerbeds. Whenever I garden I’m always surprised how quickly I break a sweat and how I can suffer for days afterwards. On the bright-side, after doing some gardening yesterday I was expecting to be in a shocking state today and I work up feeling fine. All part of getting fitter I guess.

Finally, several weeks ago I saw the video about Arthur Boorman. Although I was slightly skeptical about the results in that Arthur is obviously a stand-out case, I ordered the DDPYoga DVDs and they finally arrived today. I’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out and increasing my flexibility and balance would both be great in addition to any weight loss.

Finally, regarding weight loss, yesterday I discovered that for the first time in probably a decade I’m just below 100kg in weight which means I’ve lost around 7kg in the last six weeks or so. I’m pretty happy with that since my diet hasn’t changed dramatically and it’s definitely a step in the right direction.