BT2700HGV and Large Downloads

A week or so ago I had a problem trying to download a movie from the iTunes Store. It was an HD film that was 4.55GB. At the time I put it down to a problem with the store and Apple gave me a refund.

A couple of days ago I tried to download the latest developer preview of the next Mac operating system which weighs in at 4.35GB. This exhibited the same symptoms as the film, the download stalled and wouldn’t resume.

I tried downloading both the film and operating system on two different machines and had the same results. The film would stop downloading at around 1.2GB and the operation system at around 30MB.

After messing around for the best part of a day and out of desperation I swapped the BT supplied modem/router, a BT2700HGV, for an old Netgear modem/router I had and the operation system downloaded without a problem.

The BT business team on Twitter (@btbusiness) got someone in their business support team to call me and they explained that the BT2700HGV has problems with large downloads and are sending my out their latest modem/router as a replacement.

So, if you are using the older BT-supplied BT2700HGV and having problems downloading large files then you really need to contact them and get a newer modem/router sent out.

It is worth noting that the problem seems to be intermittent. The lady I spoke to said that files over 2GB can cause problems but I have successfully managed to download them in the past and the first developer preview of the next Mac operation system is also about 4GB in size.