Managing Sent Emails

A large proportion of the emails I send don’t need to be kept but I am not disciplined enough to send or reply to an email and then switch to the sent items folder and delete them immediately. This is why my sent items folder currently contains over 2,000 messages. For quite some time now, I’ve been looking for a way to flag an email so that as soon as it has been sent it can be deleted or at least moved to the trash folder. Today I found it.

A few days ago I downloaded a trial of MailTags 3 by Indev Software. I decided to try it so that I could tag emails as belonging to projects and do things like create Smart Mailboxes for them.

Today it struck me that I could tag an email I was sending, whether it be a reply or a new message, with a keyword and then have a Mail Outbox Rule which checks for messages with that keyword and move them to the Trash folder.

Here is a screenshot of the Mail rule:

The Mail rule

[Full Sized Version]

This seems to work really well and I’m starting to think about all sorts of other cool stuff I can do too.