Standing Desk Update

Almost three months ago I wrote about my decision to start using a standing desk. Earlier today Frank Reiff asked me how it was going which has prompted me to post a quick status update.

The brief answer is that I’m still using the standing desk but still not all day, let alone all day every day. I tend to stand and work during the mornings and maybe for some of the early afternoon but by mid-afternoon and certainly by the evening I’ve retreated to the sofa or kitchen table with my laptop.

My big problem is that my feet get sore and my legs stiffen up. I end up moving from foot to foot and that adds to the tiredness. I actually think that a treadmill desk might be a better solution and being in motion might well be easier and more comfortable than standing still all day. However, for now, I don’t have the room for a treadmill so standing it it.

Having said that I’m not going to abandon the standing desk either. I feel more alert when I use it and it feels right in an odd way. I’m going to persevere and may or may not make it to full working days standing but partial days have to be better than nothing.