A New Home

Over the past few years I’ve used a number of blogging solutions and services including Squarespace, Wordpress and Tumblr. The problem is that I’d like to ‘own’ my blog posts and have as much control over them as I can without causing myself excessive work.

After a bit of research I discovered what might be a good initial solution for me. I can store Markdown files in Dropbox and Scriptogr.am turns it all into a lovely looking blog.

To celebrate this I’ve also registered a new domain name, swwritings.com, and hopefully I’ll manage to get things set up in the next day or two so that it becomes the permanent domain name for my blog. The lovely thing is that if and when I move my blog or use a different delivery mechanism I can simply hook things up to swwritings.com and people won’t have to change their bookmarks.

I’ll be migrating my Tumblr posts over first and then going back to review my work-related blog to see what I also want to move over here. Obviously I’ll also be adding new content too as I go along.