BT - The Follow-Up

On Saturday evening I wrote a blog post about the nightmare I’d been having with BT. After publishing it I decided to email a link to Ian Livingston, the Chief Executive of BT Group. Things started to happen after that.

Mr Livingston replied within minutes which, considering it was a Saturday night, was impressive. He said that he would ask a member of the service team to look into the matter.

Later that evening I had a tweet from Iain Macleod, General Manager, Business Service Provision apologising for the problems and saying that BT would resolve it.

On Sunday morning I received an email from a member of the High Level Escalation Team saying that the matter would be looked into and that someone would be in touch.

This morning someone did indeed call from a fantastic lady called Janet. Being based in Scotland meant that it wasn’t a Bank Holiday for her as it is in England. After I provided her with some account reference number and copies of bills and letters to help her investigate the matter she emailed me back to say that each of my issues had been resolved. Essentially…

  1. My address details had been corrected.
  2. The erroneous bill and charge for late payment had been sorted out.
  3. The marketing databases would all be updated to my current address.
  4. She’d found an extra payment I’d made to BT which had never been properly credited to me but would now.

Now I may not have this 100% right but the billing issues and a lot of the confusion seems to stem from the fact that I am billed via BT’s OneBill scheme. This is where separate bills such a phone, broadband, mobile, etc. are consolidated into one. Only certain teams within BT have access to the OneBill database so when other people within the organisation were trying to help me in the past they were updating various databases but not the important one, the OneBill one.

I believe that BT will now be carrying out an internal investigation as to how my account got into this state and I hope that it saves someone else from going through a similar process.

I very pleasantly surprised that I got so much response over the weekend and I am pleased that the matter has hopefully been resolved in the space of a few hours today. However I am angry that a year of letters, emails and phone calls didn’t resolve things and that I suffered two service disconnections because my account was in such a mess. Where a blog post seems to have been the catalyst to finding a resolution, the fall out from my first disconnection last July should have done the trick.

Despite the last vestiges of anger, a big thank you to Janet for helping me today, to Iain Macleod for getting in touch via Twitter and Ian Livingston for responding and kicking things off at a suitably high level on a Saturday evening.

I really hope that this is the end of the woes and disruption.