Social Networking for Kids

My daughter is seven and a half and wants an iPod touch for Christmas. She uses my iPad for games, videos and music and my Mac for things like Club Penguin. She is tech-savvy and keen to expand her computer knowledge. The problem is that I’m not sure how to moderate it.

What I’d really like is a system that includes email and a social networking element. I’d like various features and configurable degrees of parental control including things like:

  • Fully moderating emails before they are sent and received.
  • Being copied in to all emails.
  • Having to approve email contacts or people she can chat to via the social media element.
  • Logs of messages and who she’s been talking to.
  • Keyword flags to alert me to things.
  • Being able to mass-approve a group of people between certain hours such as her class in school hours so they can use the system during their ICT lessons.
  • Choosing whether pictures can be sent or received.
  • Being able to check pictures before they are sent or received.
  • A web-based interface as well as iPhone, iPad and Android apps would be a huge bonus.
  • An API so that developers can create apps that plug into it. For example, a camera app for kids could use the API to allow them to share the photos with friends straight from the app.

Most importantly it has to be easy to use. Not for the children but for the parents who may not be as comfortable with technology as I am and who are probably the ones who need this sort of system more than I do. Having them not bury their heads in the sand and having them actively involved in the system would be a huge victory for them and the safety of their children.

Obviously, if you know of something like this then please let me know and I’ll update the post and add some links.

If nothing like this seems to exist then maybe we could crowd-code something. Web services and security are not my forte but if a few coders got together I bet we could start something off which just might turn into something really useful and very beneficial. Let me know if you’d be interested in creating something.