An avTag Promise

Just as the WWDC tickets went on sale and sold out Mathew Waters asked me if avTag would be out before the WWDC videos come out. The quantity of WWDC videos and the problem with finding specific content in them again was the initial spark which made me devise the concept of avTag so I replied with a very rash decision. I made an even worse one since then.

I said that it would be, at least as a beta. I then expanded on that and said that regardless of the state of the UI (my designer of choice is horribly over-booked at the moment) and even if there were some rough edges and some peripheral functionality was missing it would happen.

Actually this wasn’t a completely rash decision. I sometimes need deadlines and targets to get me to focus properly so I’ve publicly committed to one. I need to get avTag into the hands of beta testers and then actual customers so that I can get some feedback about it. I’ve flapped around for far too long.

So the final thing is that I need a consequence if I don’t hit that deadline. This is where things get really dangerous. They don’t know it yet but I’ll be asking Scotty and John Fox to pick one and announce it on the next episode of iDeveloper Live. Feel free to make some suggestions to them too.

I’ll post details of the one they choose here.