The Law Is A Ass

I’ve just read a news story about a man whose careless driving resulted in the death of a cyclist in Scotland. He has been ordered to carry out 300 hours of community service.

Tragically Gary McCourt was also found guilty in 1986 of causing another cyclist’s death by reckless driving.

His punishment seems quite lenient to me, particularly since, according to Sheriff James Scott “Mrs Fyffe wasn’t to blame in any way for the accident.”. Unfortunately he also said, “However, she was not wearing a safety helmet and that in my view contributed to her death.”

So because poor Mrs Audrey Fyfe wasn’t wearing something she’s not obliged to by law she didn’t reduce the chances of being knocked off her bike by a dangerous driver and killed. It’s lucky Sheriff Scott doesn’t have a predilection for clown costumes or Mrs Fyfe might have been posthumously admonished for not wearing bright clothes, huge shoes and a red nose.

Few of the lanes around my village have pavements. Many people legally walk along the roads. If one of them was run over and killed I wonder whether they would be deemed to have contributed to their death by not wearing a helmet.

And people wonder why cycling is perceived as dangerous.