At the start of December I was struggling to get through the final push I needed to do to get avTag finished off and into the App Store and in my mind I kept hearing Drew McCormack’s words:

“Here is the one rule you need to go indie: You must do something on your project everyday, no matter how little.”

When I tweeted about it Denis Hennessy got in touch to tell me about his app, Goal Streaks.

Six months on it’s been interesting to see how things panned out.

avTag development was patchy in December and January (but note how I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!).

avTag Development Pre-Release

[Full Sized Version]

There was then a long, long gap. On 1 April Steve ‘Scotty’ Scott set me a challenge to get avTag into the store by the end of the month. For weeks I did nothing until on 24 April I panicked and started work on avTag again. The deadline was met and avTag was subsequently approved and became available on the App Store on Thursday 8 May.

avTag Development Pre-Release

[Full Sized Version]

Even in the days when avTag was being approved and before it went on sales I was doing thing, whether it was to the avTag web site or sorting out newsletter templates.

In fact, since I started work on avTag again a month ago I’ve done something related to it every day.

I’m continuing to use Goal Streaks and it’s incredibly gratifying seeing days getting marked off but the habit of making sure that avTag remains in the forefront of my mind is definitely there.

Now I just need to do the same for cycling but that’s a whole new story.