Scanned Brochures

This weekend I had a bit of a catch-up scanning session (I try to be paperless and you can read a few notes about it from a podcast episode I recorded in my ‘Getting Organised’ post) and inevitably encountered my scanning Achilles heel… booklets. This time there were three insurance policy booklets, one credit card information guide and one instruction manual. In the past I tended to cut them in half and then scan it all in so that I’d have all of the pages in the proper order. This time I decided to do something slightly more high-tech…

To speed things up I wanted to be able to simply remove the staples and scan the booklet in. The resultant PDF document is obviously a nightmare to try to read (pages rotated, out of order, and some upside-down) so I’ve put together a proof-of-concept Mac OS X application which takes the PDF file and converts it so that the pages are split up, ordered and orientated properly. It’s essentially the reverse of a booklet maker application.

The image below shows the problem and what the application creates:

Scanned Booklet Issue Sketch

[Full Sized Version]

I’m wondering if this application would appeal to other people too but before I go beyond my basic needs and add a proper user interface to it I’m looking for some feedback. Would you find this application useful and would you like to test it?

Please get in touch be emailing me or sending me a message on Twitter if the answer to either or both questions is a yes.