My Core Data Stack

Yesterday I retweeted a message by Serg Krivoblotsky (@Krivoblotsky) which linked to a video of a talk Marcus Zarra (@mzarra) gave at the MCE 2015 conference. The video was entitled ‘Core Data: Multi-Threading Clarity’ and you can watch it on YouTube.

One thing Marcus didn’t do was go into actual code. His talk was about the higher-level theory. One of my followers asked if there was any code to go with it and since I’d not updated my Core Data stack setup code in a while I decided to revist it and write the code myself. The result is on GitHub in a repository called CoreDataStackSetup.

As an added bonus (and the disclaimer will stay for now at least), Marcus very kindly reviewed the code and suggested some tweaks.

Updated on 20 March 2015

I’ve now added a Swift DatabaseManager class to the project. This should probably be considered a beta since I’m only now getting to grips with Swift. Please feel free to suggest improvments and changes to it (and the original code too).

Updated on 30 March 2015

Marcus has now written his own blog post about his own Core Data stack at