Learning to Sew

Until today my attempts at sewing could have been counted on one hand and would have earned about as much applause as most people can manage with one hand too. However I’ve just spent the afternoon and evening taking a sewing course with five other people and it was an enormous amount of fun. As an added bonus my daughter has a new cushion for her bed.

My Cushion My Cushion
The fruits of today's labours.

The course was run by a local haberdashery, Millie Moon, in their Frome shop and we were taught by Angela Lai Yen who did a fantastic job. I certainly had a wonderful time and I got the distinct impression that the other atendees did too and some were busy booking themselves onto additional courses by the end of the day.

In the space of half a day we all went from being sewing machine neophytes to being comfortable using them and able to actually make something. I feel that I could now do some basic sewing jobs and that’s really quite empowering.

My only sadness is that Millie Moon don’t seem to do a starter course for hand sewing. I still need to know how to sew on a button or sew a badge onto a jumper but I’m definitely enthused enough to book a private course to cover that.