Retiring iPAYE

Earlier this year I wrote about how I planned to refactor iPAYE with the goal of making it a viable, on-going product. Unfortunately events overtook me and my circumstances changed meaning that the time I had available to work on it shrank to almost nothing. With the next financial year looming and the issues encountered whilst updating it for 2015/16 still fresh in my mind I’ve decided to make the difficult but necessary decision to retire it.

I know that many of you will be greatly saddened by this decision but the financial costs of the annual updates and the investment which would be required to re-write the application as a modern, more maintainable application are prohibitive compared to the potential returns in the days of RTI and on-line payroll managment applications.

On behald of David Langan, the original author, and myself I’d like to thank all of the customers who have supported iPAYE over the years.